Zagreb to Sarajevo by train

Zagreb to Sarajevo by train.

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No Zagreb-Sarajevo train at the moment

Until December 2016 there was a daily direct train between Zagreb and Sarajevo, a journey of some 496 km or 308 miles.  It used some very old and basic communist-era carriages, but was just about to become a modern Bosnian Talgo train when a disagreement arose between Croatian and Bosnian railways.  As a result of that disagreement there's currently no direct train at all between Zagreb & Sarajevo, until or unless those jokers at Croatian Railways get their act together.  Bosnia is now cut off from the rest of the European rail network.

But here's the solution  Update: Not running in 2024

However, you can travel from Zagreb to Sarajevo by train, with a 100km (63 mile) taxi ride between the Croatian border at Hrvatska Kostajnica and Banja Luka in Bosnia.  It's cheap, scenic, and no prior reservation is needed, it cannot sell out, you can just up and go.  I explain how to do it below.

With thanks to travellers Patricia Pater & Giles Baker.  If you travel this way & have feedback or get any photos of Croatian or Bosnian trains or scenery, I'd love to hear from you.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 2024:  Unfortunately, the Banja Luka to Sarajevo train was temporarily cancelled from 2020 until further notice due to the pandemic and has not resumed.  It's still suspended in 2024.  You can check the latest situation at

Zagreb ► Sarajevo

Sarajevo ► Zagreb

Route map

Zagreb to Sarajevo train route map


Click for larger map

Highlighted = Zagreb to Sarajevo train route.

Green = scenic sections of line

Reproduced from the excellent European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.

I recommend buying a copy of the European Rail Map and indeed the European Rail Timetable for your travels, with shipping worldwide.

European Rail Timetable and map

Complete train times between Banja Luka & Sarajevo

If you want to stop off in Banja Luka, no problem.  Two modern Bosnian Talgo trains link Banja Luka & Doboj with Sarajevo every day.  The timetable is shown below.  You can check current times at the Bosnian Railways site, look for the TRAIN TIMETABLE link at upper left.

 Banja Luka ► Sarajevo   


 Sarajevo ► Banja Luka   

 Train number:



 Train number:









 Banja Luka depart:



 Sarajevo depart:



 Doboj depart:



 Doboj arrive:



 Sarajevo arrive:



 Banja Luka arrive:



The Banja Luka - Sarajevo Talgo train

After years of using ancient communist-era carriages, Bosnian Railways have invested in smart modern Spanish-designed Talgo trains.  Hauled by a full-size electric locomotive, these excellent Talgos are a pleasure to travel in.  Each car is significantly smaller than a conventional railway carriage and is articulated to the next car with just one axle (two wheels) beneath each articulation.  Lightweight, with a low centre of gravity, these Talgo trains do less damage to the track, too.  Photos in this section are courtesy of Steven Clays, Dominique McClean, Joe Grey, Krzysztof Sokol.

Talgo train at Sarajevo station

A Bosnian Talgo train at Sarajevo station.  Photo courtesy of Dominique McLean.

2nd class seats on a Bosnian Talgo train to Sarajevo   1st class seats on a Bosnian Talgo train

2nd class seats on the Sarajevo to Mostar Talgo train.


1st class seats on the Talgo train.

Bar car on a Bosnian Talgo train   Talgo train at Sarajevo

Looking through to the bar car.


Boarding a Talgo train at Sarajevo.

Sarajevo station

There is no bureau de change, ATM or left luggage facility at the station.  However, there's a left luggage office inside the nearby bus station and an ATM outside the bus station.  Left luggage costs 2 BAM per item for the first hour, 1 BAM per item for each following hour.  To reach the bus station, walk out of the station and turn right, walk in front of the Post Office and turn right again, and there's the bus station in front of you.  There is tram stop right outside the station, and tram number 1 runs in a loop to the centre of the old town and back, passing the Latin Bridge, site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. Tickets are available from kiosks at the tram stop, and must be stamped when you board the tram.  With thanks to traveller Ivor Morgan.

Sarajevo station, exterior

Sarajevo station exterior.  Photo courtesy of Joe Grey.

Sarajevo station, interior   Talgo train at Sarajevo

Inside Sarajevo station.  Courtesy Krzysztof Sokol


Talgo train at Sarajevo.

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