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Salzburg Hbf is the main station in Salzburg, used by almost all mainline trains.  Hbf simply stands for Hauptbahnhof, German for main station.  The station first opened in 1860 and was heavily renovated 2008-2014.  The main change has been the demolition of a large island platform in the middle of the station with many dead-end platforms facing Germany and more dead-end platforms at the other end facing Vienna.  It's been replaced by more through platforms, significantly increasing capacity, and the dingy passageway under the tracks has been replaced by a bright modern shopping mall with much better facilities, including new ticket offices for both ÖBB and Westbahn.

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Station overview

Salzburg is a through station (not a terminus) with a historic station building and booking hall on the northwest side of the tracks, closest to the city centre.  See a 3D plan of Salzburg Hbf at (please let me know if this link stops working).

Salzburg Hbf exterior

Salzburg Hbf main entrance.  The forecourt has been pedestrianised.  Courtesy of Paul Nikolic.

Salzburg Hbf main hall

Main hall, inside the main entrance, showing the start of the passageway under the tracks.  The passageway is at ground level as the tracks & platforms are raised on a viaduct.  Note the posters in the centre showing train departures through the day and which platform trains are due to use.  Courtesy of Paul Nikolic.

Passageway under the tracks

The ground-level passageway under all the tracks, with steps, escalators & lifts up to each platform.  On the left you can see a Spar minimarket.  On the right, the ÖBB ticket office.  Courtesy of Paul Nikolic.

Which platform for your train?

Salzburg Hbf platforms

The platforms.  A new extended roof has been provided in the 2008-2014 renovations, but it incorporates the original arched trainshed roof as you can see here. Courtesy of Paul Nikolic.

Left luggage, ATMs, WiFi

Ticket offices

Salzburg Hbf ticket office   Salzburg Hbf ticket office interior

Salzburg Hbf ticket ÖBB office.  Courtesy of Paul Nikolic.

ÖBB 1st class lounge

Somewhere to eat & drink


Hotels in Salzburg

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