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Amsterdam to Berlin in 6h23...

Comfortable air-conditioned InterCity trains link Amsterdam Centraal & Berlin Hbf every two hours, 624 km (399 miles) in a leisurely 6h23 city centre to city centre from €37.90 - a soulless flight will take the best part of 5 hours, cost more and be far less relaxing.  Train is the way to go, look what you'll see on the way.

The Man in Seat 61 says "These trains are spacious, quiet & smooth-riding, they reach 200 km/h (125 mph) on the fast line between Hanover & Berlin.  Lingering over a meal and a beer or two in the bistro car is a treat - I heartily recommend the Erdinger weissbier!"

In addition to these Intercity trains, a sleeper train will link Amsterdam & Berlin 3 times a week from 25 May, see the European Sleeper page.

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Timetable eastbound 2023

 Amsterdam ► Berlin










European Sleeper

 Amsterdam Centraal depart:









 22:44 Mon, Wed, Fri

 Berlin Hbf arrive:









 06:48 next day

Timetable westbound 2023

 Berlin ► Amsterdam









European Sleeper

 Berlin Hbf depart:








 22:56 Tue, Thur, Sun

 Amsterdam Centraal arrive:








 06:31 next day

These trains also call at Amersfoort, Deventer, Hengelo, Osnabruck, Hannover & several other stations.  Check times for your date of travel at

*  =  Runs on Mondays to Saturdays from 3 April until 2 September 2023.

** = Change trains at Hannover, arrive 21:18, depart 21:31.

*** = Change trains at Hannover, arrive 06:18, depart 06:40.

European Sleeper = Sleeper train with sleeping-car & couchettes launched on 26 May 2023, see the European Sleeper train page

Amsterdam to Berlin is 642 km (399 miles) by train.

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

Route map

Amsterdam to Berlin train route map

Click for larger mapRed = high-speed lines.  Green = scenic sections of line.  Black = conventional lines. 

Reproduced from the European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.  I recommend buying a copy of the European Rail Map for your travels, with shipping worldwide.

What's the train like?

Amsterdam to Berlin train

An Amsterdam to Berlin Intercity train.  Watch the video.

Beef ribs and Spatburgunder red wine on the Amsterdam to Berlin InterCity train   Inside the Amsterdam to Berlin bistro car

The bistro car sells tea, coffee, wine, beer, soft drinks, snacks and hot dishes served on proper china.  Larger photo.

1st class comparment on a Berlin to Amsterdam train   1st class 6-seat compartment on a Berlin to Amsterdam train

There is usually one 1st class car with seats in traditional 6-seat compartments with side corridor, plus a few 1st class seats in part of the bistro car.  Larger photo Larger photo.

2nd class seats on an Amsterdam to Berlin train

2nd class seating is usually in open-plan saloons like this, most seats unidirectional, but with some tables for 4.  Larger photo.

What's the journey like?

Amsterdam Centraal station, exterior

Amsterdam...  The historic Amsterdam Centraal station opened in 1889, right in the city centre, a stroll from most hotels.  For a coffee, beer or meal before boarding the train to Berlin, try the beautifully retro Grand Cafe 1e Klas on platform 2B - look for the cockatoo on the bar.  See Amsterdam station information.

View from the train as it crosses the IJssel at Deventer

Deventer...  As you cross the River IJssel at Deventer you'll see a film star.  The white arched steel road bridge across the IJssel at Deventer just upstream from the rail bridge played the part of the famous John Frost Bridge at Arnhem in the 1976 film "A Bridge Too Far".  You can see it in the distance in the photo above which was taken from the train.  Coming from Amsterdam, it'll be on the right hand side two minutes before arrival at Deventer station.  Coming from Berlin it'll be on the left hand side two minutes after leaving Deventer station.

Dutch farmland

You'll see how built-up the western part of the Netherlands is, but once in the east of the country you'll see plenty of farmland, cattle and ancient Dutch farms.  Watch for the subtle differences between Dutch and German houses...

Kaiser Wilhelm monument   Minden station

Kaiser Wilhelm Monument (above left).  You pass the Kaiser Wilhelm monument on the left between Bad Oeynhausen & Minden when heading to Berlin, on the right when heading to Amsterdam.  Erected in 1892-96 it's one of Germany's national monuments.

Minden (above right).  The train calls at the fortress-like Minden station built in 1848...

Osnabruck, platform 11   Intercity train at Hannover

Osnabruck (above left)...  Change here for trains to Hamburg & Scandinavia, see the illustrated guide to changing trains at Osnabruck.

Hannover (above right).  A major stop with 14 busy modernised platforms.  Change here for Intercity trains to Leipzig & Dresden, and regional trains to the Harz region.

The Volkswagen factory of 1938   Breakfast on the Amsterdam-Berlin train

Wolfsburg & the original Volkswagen factory...  The train calls at Wolfsburg, Volkswagen's worldwide headquarters.  You'll see Volkswagen's original factory built in 1938 right next to the station on the left when heading to Berlin, on the right when heading to Amsterdam.  The factory produced thousands of VW Beetles, as well as kubelwagens during the war.

After swishing across the Netherlands and western Germany at up to 140km/h (87 mph) the train eventually joins the new high-speed line between Hanover and Berlin and accelerates up to 200km/h (125 mph).

The Amsterdam to Berlin InterCity train arrived at Berlin Hbf

Berlin...  Berlin's glass-and-steel Hauptbahnhof opened in 2006, a total contrast to Amsterdam, Centraal.  Just 10 minutes walk from the Reichstag and 15 minutes from the Brandenburg Gate.  See Berlin Hbf station information.

Berlin Hbf, exterior

Travel tips

Drop down table   Luggage rack   Power socket

Drop down tables and generous leg room for 6-footers, even in 2nd class!


Plenty of luggage space - even on a busy train, in sight of your seats.


There are European 2-pin power sockets at every seat in first class or between every pair of seats in 2nd class...

Food & drink on board...

A meal in the bistro car is a treat.  Good quality food and drink are served on proper china and in proper glassware, no airline plastic here.  But if you prefer, you're free to bring your own food and even wine or beer along to consume at your seat.

If you are a red wine fan, DB's Spätburgunder red (Pinot Noir) will not disappoint.  If you prefer beer, DB serves excellent Erdinger Weissbier in a distinctive tall glass, highly recommended.

You can find DB's menu for the current month in both html & pdf formats at, just click the speisen & getränke links at the bottom of that page - please tell me if that link stops working.

Food on board the Amsterdam to Berlin train   Food on board the Amsterdam to Berlin train

Breakfast en route from Amsterdam to Berlin...


Dinner on the way from Berlin to Amsterdam...

Video guide:  Amsterdam-Berlin Intercity train...

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