Amsterdam to Hamburg or Copenhagen?  Change at Osnabrück!

The Amsterdam-Berlin and Cologne-Hamburg lines cross at Osnabrück, so you'll usually change here when travelling between Amsterdam and Hamburg.  It only takes a few minutes to change and it's easy to work out, but here are some pictures to make it clear.

It helps to know that platforms 11-14 on the Amsterdam-Berlin line are in a shallow cutting, whilst platforms 1-5 on the Cologne-Hamburg line are above ground level on an overbridge.  In the photo below you can see that overbridge in the far distance (ignore the footbridge in the foreground).

Going east, Amsterdam to Hamburg

1.  Get off the train from Amsterdam on platform 11 and walk forwards towards the front.

Osnabruck Hbf platforms 11-14

2.  Ignore the main steps & escalator up to platform 1 and the station exit.  Walk past them to the right.

3.  Go up the steps in the photo below from platform 11 directly onto platforms 2 & 3.

Steps from platforms 11-12 to platform 2-3

Tip:  If you have very heavy luggage or mobility problems, there is no lift from platform 11 to platform 3.  So take the clearly-marked passenger-operated lift from platform 11 up to platform 1, walk along platform 1, then use the lift down into the subway between platforms 1-5.  Then take another lift up to platform 3.

4.  The train to Hamburg normally leaves from platform 3, shown in the photo below.  If you run an enquiry at German Railways website, it'll confirm the platform your train will use.

Tip:  The platform is divided into sectors marked A, B, C, D, E.  The departure screens have a diagram of the train showing in which sector each car will stop, to save you running up & down like a headless chicken when the train comes in.  A poster also shows this, visible in the photo below under the 'Hbf' in the station name.

Osnabruck Hbf platform 3

Going west, Hamburg to Amsterdam

1.  You arrive from Hamburg on platform 2.  The photo below shows that platform with an Intercity train just arrived from Hamburg.

2.  Go down the steps marked 11, 12 onto platform 11/12, which is directly below.  The steps are roughly half way along platform 2.

3.  The train to Amsterdam leaves from platform 12, which is on the right hand side of the island platform.  It's that simple, and all clearly marked.

Tip:  If you run an enquiry at German Railways website, it'll confirm the platform numbers your trains will use.

Tip:  The 1st class car and bistro car are normally at the front of the train to Amsterdam, so if you're travelling 1st class, walk some way along the platform towards the far end.  A poster on the platform called a Wagenstandsanzeiger tells you on which section of the platform to wait (A, B, C and so on...) for your car number or class of carriage.

Tip:  There is no direct lift from platform 2 to platform 12, at least not self-service.  If you have very heavy luggage or mobility problems, look for the passenger-operated lift marked as going to platforms 1, 4, 5.  This takes you into the subway between platforms 1-5.  Take another lift onto platform 1.  Walk along platform 1 and use the passenger-operated lift down to platforms 11-12.

Osnabruck Hbf platform 2

The station building

Opened in 1895, the historic station building nestles in the angle between the two lines.  There's a ticket office, ticket machines and retail outlets.

Osnabruck Hbf   Osnabruck Hbf

Osnabrück station.


Inside the main entrance.

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