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Introducing the European Sleeper

On 25 May 2023, new open-access train operator European Sleeper ( launched a sleeper train linking Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam & Amsterdam with Berlin.  There's an easy connection from London to Brussels by Eurostar.  It runs 3 times a week, ES plan to extend the train to Dresden & Prague from March 2024 and hope to increase it to daily in due course.

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Train times starting 25 May 2023

 London, Brussels, Amsterdam ► Berlin 


 Berlin ► Amsterdam, Brussels, London 

 Connection from London by Eurostar:


European Sleeper overnight train:

Tue, Thur, Sun

 London St Pancras depart:


 Berlin Hbf depart:


 Brussels Midi arrive:


 Hannover Hbf depart:


 European Sleeper overnight train:

Mon, Wed, Fri

 Bad Bentheim arrive:


 Brussels Midi depart:


 Deventer arrive:


 Antwerp Centraal depart:


 Amersfoort arrive:


 Roosendaal depart:


 Amsterdam Centraal arrive:


 Rotterdam Centraal depart:


 Den Haag HS  arrive:


 Den Haag HS depart:


 Rotterdam Centraal arrive:


 Amsterdam Centraal depart:


 Roosendaal arrive:


 Amersfoort depart:


 Antwerp Centraal:


 Deventer depart:


 Brussels Midi arrive:


 Bad Bentheim


 Connection to London by Eurostar:


 Hannover Hbf


 Brussels Midi depart


 Berlin Hbf arrive:


 London St Pancras arrive:


Always check times for your specific date of travel as they can vary due to trackwork.

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

What is the sleeping-car like?

The train has one sleeping-car, instantly recognisable as it's an AB30 ex-P, the only type of European sleeping-car ever built with an American-style fluted stainless-steel body.  80 of these cars were built in 1955-56, originally with 20 small upper & lower single compartments, named the P-type after its designer, Albert Pillpich of the famous Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits.  A number of P-types including this one were completely rebuilt in the 1990s for the Austrian, Belgian and Dutch railways with a more conventional 10-compartment layout and were reclassified AB30 (AB indicating 1st & 2nd class, 30 indicating 30 berths).

The sleeping-car has 10 compartments, each of which can be sold as a 1, 2 or 3 bed room with upper, middle & lower berths folded out as required.  Luggage goes in the big recess over the door to the corridor or over the window.  The compartments have normal locks and a security deadbolt which can only be locked & unlocked from inside.  There's a washbasin, soap, towel, complimentary slippers and all necessary bedding including a very comfortable duvet.  A bottle of drinking water is provided for each passenger.  Morning tea or coffee and a light breakfast are included in the fare.  There are two toilets at one end of the corridor.

The Man in Seat 61 says: "I have a soft spot for these venerable sleeping-cars.  They're old but comfortable, and with only 10 compartments not 12 in a 26-metre car they are relatively spacious by European sleeper standards.  It's true they can be temperamental, they like the German power supply better than Belgian or Dutch, you may find the water pressure and air-con better on the German side!  With friendly staff, comfortable beds and breakfast included it's a great way to travel."


The stainless-steel sleeping-car on a westbound European Sleeper, about to leave Berlin Hbf.  Click the interior photos for larger images.

Sleeping-car set up as a single   Sleeper looking towards corridor

1, 2 or 3 bed sleeper, set up as a single.


Same sleeper, looking towards the corridor.

Breakfast included in the fare   Sleeping-car corridor

Breakfast, included in the fare...


The corridor, next morning...

What are the couchettes like?

The train usually runs with 5 couchette cars, each with a side corridor and 9 compartments.  Each compartment can be sold as 4-berth or 6-berth.  Each berth is provided with a clean sheet, blanket & pillow, the compartment door has a normal lock and a security lock or chain.  There are toilets & washrooms at the end of the corridor.  Couchette compartments are not segregated by gender as you do not normally get fully undressed, but women can book a berth in a ladies-only 4-berth compartment.  A bottle of drinking water is provided for each passenger.  Morning tea or coffee and a light breakfast are included in the fare.  These couchette cars are Slovakian, they are not air-conditioned but have opening windows.  See couchette car numbering plan.


The inaugural European Sleeper train about to leave Brussels Midi on Friday 26 May 2023.  Click the interior photos for larger images.

Couchette car corridor   4 or 6 berth couchette compartment

Couchette car corridor.


Couchette compartment, usable as 4 or 6 berth.

Seats cars

There are several seats cars, but I don't recommend seats for an overnight journey unless unavoidable, always book a sleeper or couchette even if you're on a budget.

European Sleeper seats cars   Seats compartment

Seats car.


Seats compartment.

Travel tipsLuggage, bikes, pets...

European Sleeper bike compartment   Sleeping-car

Bike compartment in a seats car.


Snacks & drinks are available from the attendant.

Sleeping-car   Sleeping-car set up for double or triple occupancy

European sleeper has launched its own beer!


Sleeper set up for double or triple occupancy.

Route map

European Sleeper train route map

Click for larger map   Highlighted = Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin sleeper route.  Green = scenic sections of lineRed = high-speed line.

Reproduced from the excellent European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.  I recommend buying the European Rail Map for your travels and a copy of the European Rail Timetable, with shipping worldwide.

About European Sleeper...

European Sleeper isn't just an ordinary company, it's on a mission to bring sleeper trains back.  Founded by two entrepreneurs with a passion for sleepers, Elmer van Buuren and Chris Engelsman, it has required a huge effort battling railway bureaucracy to get this train up and running.  It's been particularly difficult to source serviceable rolling stock as there's so little available for hire, but they've done it and they now have a comfortable and operationally robust train even though it inevitably uses older rolling stock.  They are now working on expanding the offer and in the longer term funding and sourcing the modern rolling stock that this service deserves.  Let's give them our support!

European Sleeper launch

I was privileged to be at the launch reception on 26 May 2023 at the Pullman Hotel at Brussels Midi.  On stage are European Sleeper founders Elmer van Buuren (left) and Chris Engelsman (centre) with Dutch-American comedian Greg Shapiro hosting the event.  Photographed by the author.

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