When I started seat61.com...

...I fondly thought I could travel around and get all the photos I needed myself.  Even pre-pandemic, with a young family I found I couldn't get everywhere.  I've also found that even when I go somewhere and get lots of lovely pics, Sod's Law says that a year later they rebrand/repaint all the trains, or refurbish the interiors, or introduce new trains.  I have finally accepted that I can't do it all myself!

Can you help with photos?

So if you make one of the journeys I show on this site, please consider donating a few photos that I could use on the site if you think they would help:

...any train/station/scenery/food/location not currently illustrated with photos, which you think ought to be shown to help/inform/encourage other travellers;

...anything you find that has changed significantly from the photos shown on Seat 61;

...any shots you manage to get which better illustrate the train/station/journey than the ones currently shown on Seat 61;

...any really great scenery or (for example) restaurant car food shots that you think would encourage other travellers to follow in your footsteps.

Wide-shots (the wider the better) are always better than close-ups, they show context and I can always crop the image if necessary.

Please send by email to traininfo@seat61.com or perhaps use WeTransfer for large files.

Credit where credit is due...

I always credit photos that aren't my own, let me know how you'd like your name shown.  I'm happy to add a link to your Twitter or YouTube channel or website if you prefer.  Needless to say, you retain all copyright.

Specific things, Europe...

Nightjet sleeper trains boarding in the platform at Amsterdam Centraal, Rome Termini, Florence SMN, Milan PG.

Better shots of double-deck sleepers on Zurich-Vienna or Zurich-Hamburg routes, inside or out (I have travelled in these cars on various occasions, but in City Night Line service, not in Nightjet colours, although I've been able to borrow one photo of them in Nightjet colours).

Andorra:  Photos of Andorra la Vella international bus station.

France:  Paris-Barcelona, Paris-Nice, Paris-Milan TGVs in the new SNCF red, grey & white colours, in Paris or en route.

Hungary:  Budapest-Munich, Budapest-Zurich, Budapest-Berlin sleeper train exteriors at Budapest. Wider shots the better. 

Photos of 1st class seats, 2nd class seats and exterior of Hungarian EC trains on Vienna-Budapest route, in new MAV colour scheme.

Budapest to Zagreb/Ljubljana trains, inside or out.

Budapest business lounge on platform 9 after refurb in 2021, wideshot showing whole lounge.

Italy:  Interior of 4-berth Comfort couchettes on InterCity Notte trains, day or night position. 

Photos of Naples Centrale, exterior, concourse, platforms, Trenitalia & Circumvesuviana, if I get sufficient to showcase the station I can add a Naples station guide. 

Photos of Turin Porta Nova interior, platforms, exterior wideshot for Turin station page.

Poland:  Trains from Warsaw/Krakow to Budapest, Prague, Vienna, inside or out, restaurant & food.

Photos of the Warsaw-Moscow Russian sleeper train when it resumes.

Photos of the Warsaw-Kiev Kiev Express, it's changed rolling stock since I rode it.

Russia:  Photos of Sapsan, Red Arrow, Grand Express, St Petersburg or Moscow stations.

Spain:  Photos of meals served in Preferente on AVE (when reintroduced after Pandemic). 

Photos of Madrid Chamartin concourse, exterior, platforms etc., I'd like to add a Madrid Chamartin station guide.

Photos of the Seville-Faro bus, any operator.

Switzerland:  Basel SBB hall after it's 2020 refurb, to replace this photo as the ticket office has now moved.

Photos of the sleeper to Budapest about to leave Zurich HB, in the new MAV colour scheme.

Ukraine:  Photos of the Warsaw-Kiev Kiev Express, inside & out (rolling stock has changed since I rode it!).  Photos of Lviv (after recent refurb) & Kiev stations.

Specific things, rest of world...

Australia:  Photos of the Ghan or Indian Pacific inside or out, food, lounges, restaurant, sleepers, scenery.  Sydney Central station, East Perth station, Adelaide station, Melbourne Southern Cross.  My own photos are getting a bit long in the tooth and it'll be a while before I can get back to Oz!

Egypt:  Interior seating of the new Russian-built trains.  Interior of 2nd & 3rd class non-a/c slow trains.

India:  Train interiors & exteriors, especially AC1, AC2, AC3.  New Delhi station, Mumbai, Kolkata stations.  My last trip to India was just before I switched to a digital camera, and I wasn't taking photos for the website as I would now!

Israel:  Photos of new fast link to Jerusalem and new station in Jerusalem.  Opened not long after my own trip to Israel, when the new station was a building site!

South Africa:  The Blue Train inside & out, sleepers, lounge, restaurant, food.  My own photos are pre-digital and pre-refurb - but what a train!

Any photos or feedback gratefully received from Algeria, Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar, Cameroon, Cuba, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Tanzania, Peru, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe and elsewhere...


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