Easy to travel from Rome to Athens by train & ferry

At sea, approaching Greece, no airports, no flights.  The most relaxing way from Rome to Athens

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Italy to Athens without flying

Hop on a fast train from Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice or Milan to the southern Italian port of Bari, then sail across the Adriatic to Greece by overnight ferry.  It's the comfortable and scenic no-fly way from Italy to Greece.

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Italy ► Athens

Athens ► Italy

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

Route map

Rome to Athens train & ferry route map

Click for larger map   Highlighted = Zurich/Munich-Budapest sleeper route.  Green = scenic sections of lineRed = new high-speed line.

Reproduced from the excellent European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.  I recommend buying the European Rail Map for your travels and a copy of the European Rail Timetable, www.europeanrailtimetable.eu with shipping worldwide.

What's the journey like?

Walk, bus or taxi from Bari Centrale to Bari port

You can walk the 1.9 km from station to port entrance in 25 minutes, a pleasant stroll through Bari's old town past cathedral and castle, see walking map to the port.  Or a taxi from station to port will take 10 minutes.  Alternatively, bus 50 runs from the station to the road outside the pedestrian gate into the port roughly every 40 minutes.  See map of Bari showing station, port entrance, the check-in building and the Superfast ferries berth.

Bari Centrale station

This is Bari Centrale, Bari's main station.  Photos in this section courtesy of DiscoverByRail.com.

Bari new town   Bari old town and castle

Walk through Bari new town.


Then through the old town past cathedral & castle.

Bari port

As you approach the port, this is the main road which runs along the port's perimeter.  The arrow marks the port entrance, walk into the port in the direction of the arrow and head round to the right to find the cruise terminal.

Check in for the ferry

The Superfast Ferries check-in desks are on the ground floor of the cruise terminal (Terminal Crociere), the arrow in the photo below left indicates the entrance.  You should check in with passport & booking number to get your boarding pass, ideally 3h before departure especially in summer - although 2 hours or even 1 hours is normally fine.  You then walk 500m from the check-in desk to the ferry, board via the foot passenger gangway at the stern, up the escalator to the main passenger lounge and reception desk to get your cabin key.  See location map.

Bari port cruise terminal   Superfast ferry check-in desk

Cruise Terminal (Terminal Crociere) for check-in.


Check-in desks on ground floor.

Bari to Patras by overnight ferry

Superfast Ferries sail from Bari to Patras daily all year round, although Sunday sailings leave too early for same-day train connections from Milan.  If you book a 'deck place' you can use your own sleeping bag and set up camp in a covered area on deck near the stern.  For a few more pounds you can book a reclining seat.  Or you can book a berth in various types of cabin, all with private shower & toilet.  The ferry crossing is the best part of the journey, over deep blue waters and past many islands.

Superfast ferry from Bari to Patras in Greece

The ferry Superfast II from Bari to Patras, boarding at Bari.  Photos courtesy of DiscoverByRail.com.

Boarding the ferry from Italy to Greece   Lounge and reception desk on the ferry to Greece

The passenger gangway, onto the ferry.


Reception desk & lounge on the ferry.

Lounge & bar on the ferry from Italy to Greece   Self-service restaurant on the ferry from Italy to Greece

Lounge and bar on the Superfast II.


Self-service restaurant.

En suite toilet & shower on ferry to Greece   Cabin on ferry from Italy to Greece

Private cabin with en suite toilet & shower.

Scenic views from the ferry from Italy to Greece

The ferry passes Cephalonia & Ithaca then approaches mainland Greece.  This is what travel to Greece should be like!

The ferry from Bari arrives at Patras

The ferry approaches the new port of Patras.

Travel from Patras to Athens by bus/train combo

On arrival at Patras port, take a taxi or bus the few kilometres from the ferry dock to the town centre.  Every hour, a bus run by Hellenic Train links Patras railway station with Kiato, connecting with an air-conditioned electric train along the Aegean to Athens.  Look out for the Corinth Canal as the train passes from the Peloponnese peninsula to the rest of Greece, blink and you'll miss it.

Bus from Patras to Kiato, run by TrainOSE   On board the train from Kiato to Athens

The Hellenic Train bus from Patras to Kiato.


The train from Kiato to Athens.

The train crosses the Corinth Canal   Athens station

Crossing the Corinth Canal.


Arrival at Athens station.

Connection to Corfu

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