Innsbruck's main station:  Location map

Innsbruck Hbf (Hbf stands for Hauptbahnhof, meaning main station) is in the city centre.

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Innsbruck station exterior

Innsbruck station exterior.  This modern station building houses the main concourse and was rebuilt in 2004.

Innsbruck station interior

Innsbruck station interior. The entrance is at street level, and the platforms are at that same level.  But the concourse is one level down at basement level as you can see here, there are escalators down from entrance level to concourse.  Two passageways run from the concourse under all the tracks, with stairs and escalators and/or lift up to each platform.  The ticket office and ÖBB Lounge are below and to the left in this photo.

Innsbruck station platforms

The platforms, looking from platform 3 across to 4 & 5.  Innsbruck is in a broad valley, ringed by mountains.

Innsbruck station platforms

Here, the Nightjet to Cologne & Düsseldorf is boarding at Innsbruck.

Tickets & information

The ticket office and information desk are on the main concourse.

Which platform?

Innsbruck Hbf has 7 main through platforms, numbered 1 to 7 starting on the side of the main station building.  Platforms 21, 22, 31 & 41 are bay (dead end) platforms at the south end of the station.  There are no ticket gates or barriers, there's free and easy access between street, concourse & platforms.

Luggage lockers

There are left luggage lockers, in the passageway underneath the tracks, see the left luggage lockers page for opening hours and prices.

ÖBB 1st class lounge

If you have a 1st class ticket or any sort of sleeping-car ticket, or a 1st class Interrail or Eurail pass, you can use the ÖBB lounge for up to 90 minutes before or after your journey.  The lounge offers complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks and WiFi.  It's on the main concourse at the lower level.

There's one exception:  You can use the lounge with a 1st class DB Sparpreis or Flexpreis fare, but not with a 1st class Super Sparpreis fare.

The lounge is open 05:45-21:40 Monday-Friday, 06:15-21:40 weekends.  You can check opening times & access conditions at the Austrian Railways website

Somewhere to eat, drink or stock up

There are plenty of food outlets at the station, including McDonald's & an Impreis supermarket.  There's another Impreis across the road from the station.

For a decent meal and a beer or two, try the Stiftskeller (, a restaurant & beer hall in the heart of Innsbruck's old town, a 1.1 km 13 minute walk from the station, see walking map.  Let me know what you think!

Entrance to OBB Louinge, Innsbruck Hbf   Schnitzel at the Stiftskeller restaurant, Innsbruck

Entrance to the ÖBB Lounge, at lower level on the main concourse.


Dinner at the Stiftskeller.  Courtesy Charlotte Buswell.

Taxis, walking

The station is walking distance from anywhere in the city centre.

Hotels near Innsbruck station

Hotels near the station with good reviews include Ibis Innsbruck, AC Hotel by Marriott & Hotel Sailer.

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