Munich's main station:  Location map

Munich has just one main station, a large modern station known as Munich Hauptbahnhof and used by almost all trains serving the city.  Hauptbahnhof simply means main station and it's often abbreviated to Hbf.  Some trains call at Munich Ost or Munich Pasing on their way into or out of Munich Hbf and these secondary stations are also shown on the map below.  Munich Hbf is a major rail hub and you'll often find yourself changing trains here, whether travelling from London to Budapest, Amsterdam to Zagreb or Berlin to Rome.

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Station overview

Munich Hbf is a modernist post-war station built in the 1950s, but it's light and airy and a pleasant place to be with lots of shops and kiosks.  It's a terminus for mainline trains, so as you can see in the photo below there is easy level access from street to concourse to platforms without any steps or stairs, so no problem at all changing trains with luggage.  It's a safe place to be at any time of day or night.  The office block that used to sit in front of the station, through which the main station entrance ran, has been demolished, so as I write this access between concourse and street is through the side exits.

There's more about the station's history & layout at

For an excellent 3D plan of the station go to and search for München Hbf.

The concourse at Munich Hauptbahnhof

The main hall at Munich Hbf showing the DB information desk (with the awning) under the main departure boards.

The main hall at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Another view of the main hall, where platforms 11-26 are lined up (platforms 11-23 visible here).

The concourse at Munich Hauptbahnhof

The main hall again, with platforms 19-26 visible.  The exit to Arnulfstrasse is just out of shot to the right.

The concourse at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Looking across the main hall, platforms 11-26 on the left, food court on the right, exit to Arnulfstrasse visible on the far side.

Which platform for your train?

The platforms at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Platforms 11-26 are the main platforms, in the main hall.  There are no ticket gates or checks, you just freely walk off the concourse onto the platforms.

Platforms 5-10 at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Platforms 5-10 (Holzkirchen wing), south of the main platforms, outside the main trainshed.  You reach these by walking down platform 11 (that's 11 on the right).  The BRB regional trains to Salzburg usually leave from these platforms, as do private operator Westbahn's trains to Vienna.

Platforms 27-36 at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Platforms 27-36 (Starnberger wing), north of the main platforms, outside the main trainshed.  You reach these by walking down platform 26.  The EuroCity trains to Zurich often leave from platform 27 in this wing.  It has its own exit onto Arnulfstrasse.

DB first class lounge

Left luggage, ATMs & WiFi

Luggage lockers at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Luggage lockers, located in the passageway behind the main concourse.

Somewhere to eat between trains


The Augustiner-Keller, set in its own grounds an 8 minute 600m walk from the station.

Pumpkin soup & beer at the Augustiner-Keller, Munich   Meal at the Augustiner-Keller, Munich

Pumpkin soup.


Duck & pork.

Walking to the city centre

Local transportTaxis, U-bahn, S-bahn

Hotels near Munich Hbf

Eden Hotel Wolff Munich   Room at the Eden Hotel Wolff Munich

The Eden Hotel Wolff.


A standard room at the Eden Hotel Wolff.

Hotels in Munich old town

Munich Ost: Location map

Munich Ost (Munich East) is a through station on the eastern edge of the city centre with 14 platforms.  Trains which by-pass Munich Hbf (to avoid having to change direction in Munich's main terminus) often serve Munich Ost instead, including the sleeper between Stuttgart and Venice, Budapest & Zagreb and the Paris-Vienna Nightjet.  Very occasionally, you may find trains diverted to Munich Ost due to trackwork, and you may need to transfer between stations.

How to transfer between Munich Hbf & Munich Ost:  It's easy to transfer between Munich Ost & Munich Hbf by frequent S-Bahn suburban train, journey time 8 minutes, trains leave every few minutes, you can check times & platforms at  S-Bahn routes S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, S7, S8 all link Munich Ost with Munich Hbf.  At Munich Hbf, go to platforms 1 & 2 for the S-Bahn, these are underground and also known as Munich Hbf (tief).  At Munich Ost, go to platforms 1, 2 or 3.

If you are buying a ticket to or from Munich at the German Railways website, you can buy it to/from Munich Ost so that it includes this transfer.  The Munich Hbf-Munich Ost portion of your ticket can be used on any S-Bahn train between Hbf and Ost that day, not just the one that happens to be shown on your ticket.  If you have an Interrail or Eurail pass, these cover the S-Bahn trains.

Dinner before your sleeper?  If you are catching a late-night sleeper at Munich Ost, for Bavarian food & beer try the Haidhauser-Augustiner Bavarian restaurant, ( 5 minutes walk from the main station exit on the north side, see walking routeFeedback appreciated!  Alternatively, there's a Burger King on the south side of the station open late every day except Sundays.

Munich Ost station platform

Munich Ost.  On the right, the sleeper from Venice/Zagreb/Budapest has terminated here due to trackwork.  On the left is an S-Bahn train.  You'll need an S-Bahn train from platform 1, 2 or 3 to get to Munich Hbf, journey time 8 minutes.

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