How to travel from Belfast to the Giant's Causeway...

The famous Giant's Causeway is a natural rock formation on the windswept North Antrim coast, see for visitor information.  Entrance is free for National Trust members.  There's no need for a restrictive or expensive tour.  You can easily visit independently and cheaply by scheduled train from Belfast to Coleraine then regular public bus.  Here's how...

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.  Travel there by train & ferry, no flight required!   Modern train from Belfast to Coleraine or Portrush

The famous Giant's Causeway on the Northern Irish coast.


New trains are revolutionising travel Northern Ireland Railways, with 60% more passengers.

Inside one of Northern Ireland Railways' new C3K trains   Belfast to Londonderry by train

New train interior:  Inside one of the smart new Northern Ireland Railways C3K trains which link Belfast with Londonderry, Coleraine & Portrush for the Giant's Causeway.


The scenic route...  One of the new C3K trains running alongside the estuary on the approaches to Londonderry, a very enjoyable ride.  Photo courtesy of NIR.

Video guide:  Belfast to the Giant's Causeway...

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