Lausanne's main station:  Location map

Lausanne has just one main station, shown on booking systems as plain Lausanne.  There's been a station here since 1856, but the current station building dates from 1911-1916.

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Lausanne station exterior

Main entrance on the northern side of the station.  The forecourt is part pedestrianised.

Lausanne station main hall

Main hall, looking back towards the main entrance.  You can see the main departures board in the corner, above the passageway to the ticket office.  Doors onto platform 1 are behind the camera.

Which platform?

Lausanne has 8 platforms numbered 1, 3-8 & 70, you can walk between any two platforms in less than 2 minutes.  There is no platform 2, line 2 is a through line for freight trains.  Platform 70 is a small bay platform.

Platform 1 is adjacent to the main station building on the north side, you walk from the main hall straight onto platform 1.

To reach platforms 3-8, walk from the main hall onto platform 1 and turn right.  Then go down the gentle slope shown below (ideal for wheeled luggage) into the passageway under all the tracks.  There are slopes up to platforms 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.

This is the western passageway under the tracks, there's also an eastern one with lifts & steps to each platform rather than slopes.

Tip:  The departure screens on each platform show the train time, destination & calling points.  They also show where along the platform the 1st & 2nd class cars will stop, so you can position yourself before the train comes in.  Each sector of the platform is designated by a letter hanging from the roof, A, B, C and so on.  If you look closely you can see this in the platforms photo below.

Lausanne station underpass   Lausanne station underpass

Above left, the slope down from platform 1 into the passageway under all the tracks.  Above right, the passageway under the tracks.

Lausanne station platforms

Left luggage

There are left luggage lockers at each end of the eastern passageway under all the tracks.  See the left luggage page for prices.

Tickets & information

The SBB ticket office is in the passageway to your immediate left when you walk into the main hall.  There are also ticket machines.

Lausanne ticket office

Food and drink

There are various food outlets around the station including a cafe.  There's a Starbucks and McDonald's across the road from the station. 

Cafe du Simplon:  For an excellent cafe lunch with a beer between trains I recommend the Cafe du Simplon (, immediately opposite the southern exit from the eastern passageway under the tracks, see location map.  Fast & friendly service, well-used by the locals, the bill came in a box marked top secret, slightly disconcerting until I realised I probably had the necessary security clearance to open it...

Lausanne station Cafe du Simplon   Food at the Cafe du Simplon

Below, the cafe du Simplon is directly opposite the south-facing Rue du Simplon, Lac exit from the eastern passageway under the tracks.

View of Cafe du Simplon from Lausanne station exit

Local transport

Walking:  Lausanne is a walkable city, from station to the old town and cathedral is a 17-minute 900m walk, see walking route.

Metro:  Lausanne has a small metro network, see  To reach the old town & cathedral, take metro line M2 from Lausanne Gare to Riponne M. Béjart.

Hotels in Lausanne

The Continental Hotel is directly across the road from the station.  The nearby Elite Hotel is cheaper.  Also nearby with good reviews is the Hotel Victoria.  I can recommend the Hotel Mirabeau, a 7-minute 500m walk from the station with great reviews, see walking map.

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