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Paris St Lazare   Paris St Lazare

Facade...  The broad facade of Paris St Lazare spans the width of 27 platforms, from the west end block pictured above left to the east end block pictured above right.  The wide centre section between these two blocks is not shown here.

Paris St Lazare   Paris St Lazare

Standing outside the western entrance, looking along the facade towards the east block.


Inside the western main entrance, staircase & escalators to the shopping mall upper level.

Paris St Lazare shopping mall

Shopping mall...  Immediately inside the facade there's a triple-deck shopping centre which runs the whole width of the station.  The middle of the 3 floors is at street level.  The top floor (shown here) is at concourse & platform level.  There are escalators (and at the west end, a grand staircase) from street level to upper level.  In this photo we're looking eastwards, with archways on the left leading through to the concourse and platforms.

Paris St Lazare concourse

The main station concourse, looking west to east, with the 27 platforms lined up on the left, various archways through to the upper level of the shopping mall on the right.  At the far (east) end of this concourse are the ticket office and platforms 20-27 used by the intercitÚs to Normandy.

Paris St Lazare platforms

The platforms...  The IntercitÚs to Normandy (Caen, Rouen, Le Havre, Cherbourg) usually leave from platforms 20-27 at the far east end.

Paris St Lazare shopping mall   Paris St Lazare ticket office

This photo shows the 3 levels of the shopping mall, lower, middle (street level) & top (platforms/concourse).


Ticket office (Boutique Normandie) at the far east end of the station concourse, near platform 27.

Paris St Lazare   Paris St Lazare

Starbucks, far east end of the top floor in the shopping mall.  It has seating inside as well as out.


Automatic ticket gates at the entrance to each group of platforms...

Tips for using the Gare St Lazare...

Walk into a painting by Monet...

Arrival of the Normandy Train by Claude Monet (1877)   Departure of the Normandy Train by me (2019)

"Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare" by Claude Monet (1877), exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago.


"Departure of the Normandy train, Gare St Lazare" by yours truly (2019), exhibited on  This was my train to Le Havre on platform 26...

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