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Zurich Hauptbahnhof is Zurich's main station, often abbreviated to Zurich HB.  It's a major terminus used by almost all trains serving the city and you'll often find yourself changing trains here.  It's the largest station in Switzerland.

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Station overview

A station first opened on this spot in 1847, but the current station building dates from 1871.  It's obvious when you know it, but the main hall (Haupthalle) shown in the photo below where passengers now circulate is the original 1871 trainshed where the tracks & platforms were until the 1930s.  The buildings on the north of the Haupthalle are called the Nordtrakt, those on the south the Sudtrakt.  In 1933 new platforms were built a couple of hundred metres short of the old buffer stops, covered by a series of glass-and-steel arched roofs, allowing station capacity to be increased.  This 1933 trainshed covers the main terminus platforms 3 to 18 used by all international trains and many domestic trains, which are behind me when I took the photo below.  A modern shopping mall has been built underneath the Haupthalle, and below that there are now a series of underground platforms mostly handling local trains but also some Swiss mainline trains.  There's a 3D plan of the station and its underground shopping levels at www.sbb.ch - but it's easier to Google for plan Zurich HB.

Zurich HB, south side.

The south side of Zurich HB, directly across the road from the excellent Hotel Schweizerhof.  The entrance arch passes directly into the main hall (Haupthalle).  The platforms are just out of shot to the left.

The concourse at Zurich Hauptbahnhof

The Haupthalle (main hall) was the original 1871 trainshed, the tracks & platforms were here until 1933.  Ranged along the far left-hand wall in this photo are the ticket office, Brasserie Federal, tourist office and (in the far corner) a Migrolino mini-market.  The escalators to the lower levels with shops & luggage lockers are behind the ticket machines on the left of the photo.  The Querhalle and platforms 3 to 18 are behind me as I took this photo.

Zurich HB departures board

The Querhalle (cross-hall) is a circulating area between the Haupthalle and the platforms, with an open gateway to the street on each side of the station, hence the name.  The  main departures board hangs here (Fernverkehr = main line departures, S-Bahn = suburban trains).  In this photo we're looking across the station towards the north side exit.  Platforms to the left, Haupthalle to the right.

Which platform for your train?

Platforms 9 & 10 at Zurich HB

Platforms 3-18 are the main platforms, under the 1933 steel and glass trainshed originally intended as temporary, but still with us and now a listed historic structure.  Photo taken standing in the Querhalle with my back to the Haupthalle.

Platform 34 at Zurich HB

Platforms 31-34 are two levels down from the Haupthalle.  That's platform 34 on the right, the one usually used by the EuroCity trains from Zurich to Munich.

Ticket office

Zurich HB ticket office entrance

Entrance to ticket office, in the main hall.

Zurich HB ticket office

Inside the entrance is a ticket hall and the entrance to SBB travel centre.

Left luggage, ATMs, WiFi

The escaltors down to shops & luggage lockers   Luggage lockers at Zurich HB

Escalators down to shops, luggage lockers & platforms 31-34.


Luggage lockers, one level down from the main hall.

Somewhere to eat

The Brasserie Federal at Zurich HB   Cordon bleu and chips at the Brasserie Federal

The Brasserie Federal on the main concourse - a good place for a beer and schnitzel and chips.

Supermarkets & shops

Migrolino minimarket at Zurich HB   The Schweizerhof Hotel, Zurich

Migrolino minimarket in the corner of the Haupthalle.


Hotel Schweizerhof, seen from station south exit.

Hotels near Zurich HB

Local transportWalking, taxis, trams

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