RailJet train from Munich to Salzburg
Munich-Salzburg or Salzburg-Munich from €17.90

DB online tickets from Munich to Salzburg

Buy express & regional train tickets direct from Deutsche Bahn, no booking fee, print your own ticket or show it on your phone or laptop.

Or use www.thetrainline.com which can book all 3 options, express, regional & Westbahn.

Which train: RJ, EC, IC, BRB or WB?

Comfortable air-conditioned trains link Munich Hbf & Salzburg Hbf twice each hour in each direction from early until late.  One train per hour is an express train, either a railjet (RJ/RJX), EuroCity (EC) or InterCity (IC).  The other is a slower regional train run by the Bayerische Regiobahn (BRB).  And since April 2022 there's a third option, 6 Westbahn trains per day.  This page explains the choice.

small bullet point  Timetable for all options

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small bullet point  Option 1, by express train - every hour, fastest, most comfortable, cheapest if pre-booked

    How much does it cost?

    How to buy tickets

    What are the railjet (RJX, RJ) trains like?

    What are the EuroCity (EC, IC) trains like?

    Travel tips

small bullet point  Option 2, by regional train - every hour, slightly slower, more flexible, cheaper for a day trip

    How much does it cost?

    How to buy tickets

    What are the BRB trains like?

    Travel tips

small bullet point  Option 3, by Westbahn train - 6 per day, excellent double-deck trains, cheap flexible fares

    How much does it cost?

    How to buy tickets

    What are Westbahn (WB) trains like?

small bullet point  What's the journey like?

small bullet point  Munich Hbf station guide

small bullet point  Salzburg Hbf station guide

Timetable eastbound

 Munich ► Salzburg

 Option 1, express train from Munich Hbf to Salzburg Hbf every hour 06:23 until 20:17   

 Option 2, regional train from Munich Hbf to Salzburg Hbf every hour 05:55 until 22:43

 Option 3, Westbahn train from Munich Hbf to Salzburg Hbf 6 times per day 05:48-17:49  

 Check times online at int.bahn.de

Timetable westbound

 Salzburg ► Munich

 Option 1, express train from Salzburg Hbf to Munich Hbf every hour 05:43 until 21:00      

 Option 2, regional train from Salzburg Hbf to Munich Hbf every hour 05:15 until 23:00  

 Option 3, Westbahn train from Munich Hbf to Salzburg Hbf 6 times a day 06:10-18:10

 Check times online at int.bahn.de

Munich to Salzburg is 153 km or 95 miles by train.

Route map

Munich to Salzburg train route map


European Rail Timetable and mapClick for larger map

All trains take the same route.

Highlighted = Munich-Salzburg route

Green = scenic sections of line.

Reproduced from the European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.  I recommend buying this map, www.europeanrailtimetable.eu.

Option 1, by express train in 1h29

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

What are railjet trains like?

Railjets are ÖBB's (Austrian Railways) premier train, fully air-conditioned with 3 classes, restaurant car, free WiFi and power sockets at all seats.  They are fixed-formation push-pull trainsets with a locomotive at one end (usually the Munich end) and a driving cab built into the last carriage at the other end.  Most are shown as RJX (Railjet express), one or two are shown as plain RJ as they make an extra stop or two down the line within Austria.

A railjet train about to leave Munich Hbf for Salzburg

A railjet to Vienna about to leave platform 12 at Munich Hbf.

  Premium class seats on the Munich-Vienna RailJet train   Railjet restaurant car

First class, with black leather seats.


Business classAbout.



Railjet train at Vienna Hbf   Railjet train standard class

A railjet boarding at the impressive modern Vienna Hbf.  More about railjet trains.


Economy, in open saloons with large windows.  Some seats around tables, most unidirectional.

What are EuroCity (EC) & InterCity (IC) trains like?

Most EC & IC departures use German Intercity cars like those shown below, with 1st class seats in classic 6-seat compartments and 2nd class seats in open-plan saloons.  There's usually some sort of catering on board, serving tea, coffee, beer, wine and snacks - I recommend the Erdinger Weissbier!  There are power sockets at all seats, but no WiFi.  One or two departures per day are InterCity (IC) rather than EuroCity simply because they start/finish at Salzburg & don't go further into Austria.  One EC train per day (12:17 from Munich & 14:00 from Salzburg) use Austrian carriages like those shown on the Munich to Venice page

A DB InterCity train at Hamburg Hbf

German trains:  Most EuroCity trains are composed of German Intercity cars like this.

2nd clas seats on a DB Intercity train

2nd class seating is usually in open-plan saloons like this, most seats unidirectional, but with some tables for 4.  Most of these trains have a few 2nd class compartment cars with side corridor and ten 6-seat compartments  Larger photo.

1st class comparment on a Berlin to Amsterdam train   1st class 6-seat compartment on a Berlin to Amsterdam train

Most of these trains have 1st class cars with traditional 6-seat compartments with side corridor.  Larger photo Larger photo.

Travel tips for express trains

Option 2, by regional train in 1h47

How much does it cost?

  • The regular BRB regional fare is €38.50 in 2nd class, €61.60 in 1st class, each way.

    This is fixed-price, fully-flexible, good for any BRB train that day, no advance reservation necessary, it cannot sell out.

  • But for these regional trains you'd usually buy a Bayern Ticket

    In practice, you'd only ever buy a full-price ticket for these regional trains if you needed to leave before 09:00 on Monday-Fridays, at all other times it's cheaper to buy a Bayern Ticket giving a day's unlimited travel on regional trains across the whole of Bavaria including Salzburg, after 09:00 weekdays or any time at weekends or public holidays.  You can buy a Bayern Ticket in 1st or 2nd class.

    A Bayern Ticket costs €29 for the first traveller plus €10 for each additional traveller in your party up to maximum 5 people.

    This even covers a same-day round trip from Munich to Salzburg.

How to buy tickets

  • Buy regular tickets at German Railways website int.bahn.de.

    Booking opens up to 6 months ahead, although dates after the mid-December timetable change usually open for booking in mid-October.  More about when booking opens.

    BRB = Bayerische Regiobahn.  There are no seat reservations on BRB trains.

    I recommend registering when prompted, as you can then log in at any time to check or re-print your tickets.  You print your own ticket (A4 paper, U.S. Letter size is fine) or you can show it on your laptop or phone.

    You can of course simply buy at the station on the day, either at the staffed ticket office or the ticket machines.  Simply turn up, buy a ticket, get on, sit where you like and go!  Tickets for regional trains cannot sell out.

What are the BRB trains like?

BRB trains are comfortable & air-conditioned, but there are no power sockets and no WiFi.  There is a very small and limited 1st class section at one end of each unit.

Munich to Salzburg BRB regional train at Munich Hbf

A Munich-Salzburg BRB regional train on platform 10 at Munich Hbf, a 150m walk from the main concourse.

2nd class on a Munich-Salzburg BRB train   1st class on a Munich-Salzburg BRB train

2nd class on a Munich-Salzburg BRB regional train.  Toilets, air-con, but more basic than the express trains.  Larger photo.

There's a small 16-seat 1st class section at one end of these BRB trains.  Larger photo.

Travel tips for these regional trains

  • 1st or 2nd class?

    2nd class is absolutely fine for most travellers, no need to go 1st class unless you don't mind the extra cost.  Most seating in these BRB trains is 2nd class, there's only one very small 16-seat 1st class section at one end of each 4-car unit. 1st class simply means more leg & elbow room, frankly there's not a huge difference between classes on these regional trains.

  • Luggage

    You can pretty much take anything you like as long as you can carry it or pull it behind you.  Nobody will weigh or measure it!  You take it with you onto the train, there's plenty of luggage space, the racks above your seat take anything up to backpack-size, larger suitcases can go between seat backs or simply on the floor.  More about luggage on European trains.

  • Seat reservations

    Seat reservation is not possible on BRB regional trains, you just get on and sit anywhere you like.  These trains start their journey in Munich and in Salzburg, so you'll normally have hundreds of empty seats to choose from.

  • Boarding your train

    As with virtually all European trains, there's no check-in.  Just stroll into the station, find your train and get on, any time before it leaves.  The doors may be closed a minute before departure.

    Posters (at Munich) or TV screens (at Salzburg) on the platform show railjet & EuroCity train formations and which part of the platform to stand for your particular car number, to save you running up and down when it comes in.

    Tip:  At Munich Hbf, BRB trains often use platforms 5-10 which are a 150m walk along platform 11.  Allow an extra minute or two for the walk!

  • Power sockets, WiFi & toilets:  BRB trains don't have power sockets or WiFi, but there's decent mobile data reception most of the way.

  • Food & drink on board:  There's no catering on BRB regional trains.  You're free to bring your own food & drink, even beer or wine if you like.

Option 3, by Westbahn train in 1h34

In April 2022, Austrian open-access operator Westbahn extended 6 of its Vienna-Salzburg trains to Munich, providing yet another option between Munich & Salzburg.  Not as frequent as options 1 or 2, but fast, affordable, and with swish new double-deck trains that are as good as a railjet, and better than a EuroCity train.

How much does it cost?

  • Standard price €40.90, any train, any day.  You can buy at that price even on the day, unlimited availability.

  • Upgrade to comfort class for €7.90 or upgrade to 1st class for €19.90.

How to buy tickets

  • Buy tickets at www.thetrainline.com, easy to use, overseas credit cards no problem, you print your own ticket, small booking fee.  Standard-price tickets are good for any train that day, not just the one you select when booking.  www.thetrainline.com also shows railjet, EuroCity and BRB trains so you can compare prices.  You can also buy Westbahn tickets at www.westbahn.at.

What are Westbahn trains like?

Westbahn trains are swish modern double-deckers, air-conditioned, power sockets at all seats & free WiFi.  They have 2nd class, comfort class and 1st class, with a choice of upper & lower deck seats in all three classes.  Very comfortable trains indeed, sit upstairs for the best views!  There is no restaurant car, but vending areas for tea & coffee.  Orders are taken and served at your seat in 1st class.

Westbahn train to Salzburg at Vienna

WESTbahn double-deck train on platform 8 at Munich Hbf.

Westbahn 2nd class seats   Westbahn comfort class

2nd class seats, lower deck.  Seats arranged 2+2 across the car width.  Larger photo.


Comfort class.  Almost identical to 2nd class, a bit more legroom & all seats around tables. Larger photo.

Westbahn train buffet car   Westbahn first class seats

Food vending area, 4 per train.  Larger photo.


First class seats, upper deck.  Larger photo.

What's the journey like?

Pleasant Bavarian scenery between Munich & Salzburg.

View of Salzburg as the train crosses the River Salzach

Your first view of Salzburg will be from the train, right hand side.  This is the view of the Fortress Hohensalzburg as the railjet crosses the River Salzach & approaches Salzburg Hbf.

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