City Night Line standard (economy) sleeper

A 2-berth sleeper in the Prague-Krakow sleeping-car...

Prague to Krakow by sleeper train...

A comfortable, cosy and safe direct sleeper train links Prague with Krakow, city centre to city centre in either direction every night.  It's an experience in itself and saves a hotel bill too!  This page shows you what this train is like and tells you where to get tickets.  In summer 2017 there will also be a new direct daytime train between Prague & Krakow, called the Cracovia.  Either train can easily be booked through one of two agencies or at certain times of year booked online direct with Czech Railways, the black art of buying tickets for this train is explained here...

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Train times...

 Prague ► Krakow


 Krakow ► Prague

 Days of running:


Note A

 Days of running:


Note B

Train type:


day train

Train type:


day train

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Train name:



 Prague Hlavni depart:



 Krakow Glowny depart:



 Oswiecim (Auschwitz) arrive



 Oswiecim (Auschwitz) depart



 Krakow Glowny arrive:



 Prague Hlavni arrive:



Note A = The Cracovia will run from Prague to Krakow between 13 April & 30 September 2017, fares from €19.

Note B = The Cracovia will run from Krakow to Prague between 14 April & 1 October 2017.

Always check times for your own date of travel at (works from Prague to Krakow, but may not find these through cars Krakow to Prague).

The overnight train consists of one sleeping-car with 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments, some with en suite toilet & shower.  From March to November there's also a couchette car with 4 & 6 bunk compartments.

What is the Silesia's Prague-Krakow sleeping-car like?

As of 2017, this sleeping-car is now of the most modern type owned by the Czech Railways, with 9 standard compartments with washstand and 3 deluxe compartments with en suite toilet and shower.  The rest of the train consists of a Ukrainian sleeping-car for Kiev and Slovakian sleeping-cars for Humennι in Slovakia.  Inside the sleeping-car it's quiet and civilised.  A carpeted, air-conditioned corridor runs down the side of the car (pictured above right), off which open 9 sleeper compartments with washbasin and 3 deluxe sleeper compartments with a compact en suite toilet & shower.  Each compartment can be configured as a 1, 2 or 3 bed compartment depending on demand.  There's crisp clean bedding, soap, towel, bottled water.  Morning tea or coffee is included.  There's a hot shower at the end of the corridor for regular (non-deluxe) sleeper passengers.  The compartments have a hotel-style card-key lock and a security deadlock which cannot be opened from the outside.  Sleeper berths are sold individually, you can book one bed in a 2 or 3 berth and share with another passenger of the same gender.  Compartments are single-sex unless your party occupies the whole compartment.  An excellent way to travel.  Photo below courtesy of Shaiq Ali Khan

The sleeper train from Zurich to Prague

A Czech sleeping-car of the sort used on the Prague-Krakow overnight train. 

City Night Line standard (economy) sleeper   City Night Line standard (economy) sleeper in day mode   City Night Line deluxe sleeper, private toilet & shower   Comfortline sleeper corridor

Standard sleeper set up as a 2-berth, with blind down & washstand open.  Each room can be used with 1, 2 or 3 beds.


The same sleeper with berths folded away & seats folded out, washstand closed.  Very similar to a deluxe, but without the shower & toilet.


Deluxe sleepers are virtually identical to standard ones, but with a tiny bit more floorspace & compact shower & toilet.


Just like a hotel, the corridor in a Comfortline sleeping-car.  There's a shower at end of the corridor for standard sleeper passengers.

What is the Silesia's Prague-Krakow couchette car like?

The Prague to Krakow couchette car runs daily from March to November.  It's a comfortable Czech car with 9 compartments, each of which can be used as 4-berth or 6-berth.  Pictured above right is a 6-berth compartment with middle and upper berths visible, the bottom bunks almost out of shot.  Clean sheets and a pillow are provided, the doors have a normal lock and security lock or chain.  Toilets and washrooms at the end of the corridor.  Couchette compartments are not segregated by gender, as you do not normally get fully undressed.

The Prague to Krakow couchette car at Prague Hlavni   6-bunk couchettes on the Prague to Krakow train

How much does it cost?

How to buy ticketsFor journeys starting in Prague...

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