Standard (economy) sleeper

Cosy 2-berth sleeper in the Prague-Krakow sleeping-car.

Prague to Krakow from €13.70

Two comfortable EuroCity trains named Silesia & Cracovia and a EuroNight sleeper train named Chopin link Prague with Krakow, centre to centre in both directions.  There's also a privately-operated Leo Express train on certain days each week, due to become daily at some point.  The EuroCity trains have air-conditioning, power sockets, free WiFi & a bistro car serving drinks & snacks with draught beer on tap, with fares from €15.  The safe & cosy sleeper train saves a hotel bill, too.  The Leo Express train has air-con, power sockets, free WiFi, and complimentary wine, water & coffee in Business & Premium classes.  These trains also call at Oswiecim, more notorious by its German name, Auschwitz.  This page explains what these trains are like & how to buy tickets.

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Train times 2024

 Prague ► Krakow

 Days of running:






& Sun



Train type:






Train name:




 Prague Hlavni depart:





 Oswiecim (Auschwitz)





 Krakow Glowny arrive:





 Krakow ► Prague

 Days of running:


& Sat







Train type:






Train name:




 Krakow Glowny depart:





 Oswiecim (Auschwitz)





 Prague Hlavni arrive:





Notes for timetable

Check times for your specific date of travel at or (for Leo Express) as times may vary due to trackwork.

Oswiecim = Polish name for Auschwitz.  Regular local trains link Krakow & Oswiecim, with turn-up-and-go ticketing.

The sleeper train Chopin has a sleeping-car with 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments and on most dates a couchette car with 4 & 6 bunk compartments, see below.

The Leo Express train started running in 2018, it's still only running twice a week, but planned to go daily at some point.

Prague to Krakow is 474 km (295 miles) by train.

Route map

Prague to Krakow train route map

Click for larger map  Highlighted = Prague to Krakow train route.  Green = scenic sections of line.

Reproduced from the excellent European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.  I recommend buying the European Rail Map for your travels and a copy of the European Rail Timetable, with shipping worldwide.

Option 1, by EuroCity trains Silesia or Cracovia

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

What is the Silesia like?

In December 2022, the Prague-Warsaw EuroCity train Silesia got a new Prague-Krakow portion consisting of comfortable air-conditioned 2nd class through coaches.  You can choose a seat in the open-plan car (below left, see larger photo), or in a classic 6-seat compartment (below right, see larger photo).  There's no 1st class in the Prague-Krakow portion, if you insist on 1st class you'll have to switch cars.  A restaurant car is available between Prague & Bohumin, near the Polish border.

The EuroCity train Silesia at Prague

The EuroCity train Silesia boarding at Prague Hlavni.

2nd class open saloon seats   6-seat compartment on train to Krakow

What is the Cracovia like?

The Cracovia consists of modern air-conditioned Czech carriages, some open-plan (saloon) and some with classic 6-seat compartments, see the photos below.  All cars have toilets and power sockets for laptops & mobiles.  The 2nd class open-plan cars should also have free WiFi whilst the train is in the Czech Republic.  There's a bistro car serving tea, coffee, wine, draught beer and inexpensive hot dishes.  First class seats are arranged open-plan in half of the bistro car with the steward taking food & drink orders and serving them at your seat.  Seat reservation is compulsory.

Czech bistro car

The Cracovia's 1st class & bistro car.  Courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry.

Czech bistro car   Dinner in the bristro

1st class seats are all located in the bistro car on one side of the central kitchen.  These seats are for 1st class passengers only.  A steward takes food & drink orders from the menu and serves them at your seat.  You can reserve seats in this area if you buy a 1st class ticket, with no need to leave your seat or leave your luggage unattended to get fed - this alone makes the modest extra cost for 1st class worth it!

Dinner in the bristro   Czech bistro car

Bistro seating. On the other side of the kitchen in the other half of the bistro car is a small 12-seat area next to the serving counter.  This area has the same leather seats as in 1st class, but 2nd class passengers are free to sit in this section when consuming food & drink from the bistro.  It's effectively a restaurant car for 2nd class passengers with a free upgrade included!  Seats cannot be reserved in this section, the LED reservation panel above each seat may say Bistro misto = bistro seat.  In principle, you must return to your seat when you finish your food.

2nd class open saloon seats   6-seat compartment on train to Krakow

2nd class seats come in a choice of two types of car:  Open-plan cars (above left, see larger photo), and classic 6-seat compartments cars (above right, see larger photo).  I personally prefer the open-plan cars, but compartments can be fun if you're a family or small group.

Option 2, by EuroNight sleeper train Chopin

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

What is the sleeping-car like?

Every night a direct sleeper train links Prague with Krakow & Warsaw.  There is one air-conditioned Czech sleeping-car en route to or from Warsaw, a Comfortline type built by Siemens in Germany in 2004-2005, with 9 standard compartments with washbasin & 3 deluxe compartments with en suite toilet & shower, see the photos below.  Inside the sleeping-car it's carpeted, air-conditioned, quiet and civilised.  Each compartment can be sold as a 1, 2 or 3 bed room.  There's crisp clean bedding, soap, towel, bottled water, free WiFi and a power socket for mobiles & laptops below the head-end of the bed.  In the morning a light breakfast is included with tea or coffee.  The compartments have a card-key locks like a hotel and there's a toilet & shower at the end of the corridor for sleeper passengers in the standard compartments.  Sleeper berths are sold individually, you can book one bed in a 2 or 3 berth and share with another passenger of the same gender.  Compartments are single-sex unless your party occupies the whole compartment.  An excellent way to travel.

Beds are 190cm x 75cm (approx 6'3" x 2'6"), but pillow or toes can project into a 2.5cm (1") gap either end between bed & wall, so no problem for anyone up to 6'5".

The sleeper train from Prague to Krakow & Warsaw

Prague to Krakow by sleeping-car.  Above, the Czech sleeping-car to Krakow is boarding at Prague Hlavni.

Standard (economy) sleeper   Standard (economy) sleeper in day mode   Deluxe sleeper, private toilet & shower   Comfortline sleeper corridor

Standard sleeper set up as a 2-berth, with blind down & washstand open.  Each room can be used with 1, 2 or 3 beds.  Larger photo.


Same sleeper with berths folded away & seats out, washstand closed.  Similar to a deluxe without shower & toilet.  Larger photo.


Deluxe sleepers are virtually identical to standard ones, but with a compact shower & toilet.  Larger photo.


Just like a hotel, the corridor in a Comfortline sleeping-car.  There's a shower at end of the corridor for standard sleeper passengers.

Standard (economy) sleeper as 1-berth   Standard (economy) sleeper as 1-berth  

Czech sleeper toiletries kit

Czech sleeper breakfast

Standard sleeper set up as a 3-berth.  Larger photo.


Standard sleeper set up as a single-berth.  Larger photo.


Bottled water supplied, boxed breakfast with tea or coffee included. Courtesy Ivor Morgan, @AufGleis13

Czech sleeper train from Prague to Krakow & Warsaw   Shower cublicle in a CD sleeping-car from Zurich to Prague

Shower compartment at the end of the corridor (above right) for passengers in standard sleepers.  It's a good shower, I use it in the evening when it's always free and there's plenty of hot water.  It also has a WC.  You need your room key to unlock the shower.  Larger photo.

Comfortline sleeper layout.  All compartments can be sold as a single, double or triple.  Last digit of berth number 1 or 2 = lower berth, 3 or 4 = middle berth, 5 or 6 upper berth.  Adjacent compartments with berths with the same first digit have an inter-connecting door which can be opened if your party occupies both compartments.  Click the image for larger version.

Nightjet sleeper bed numbering - Comforrtline type

What is the couchette car like?

The Prague-Krakow overnight train usually conveys a comfortable Czech car with 9 compartments, each of which can be used as 4-berth or 6-berth.  In previous years the couchette car has run every day all year round, but in 2024 it's only attached over Christmas & New Year, Easter, and over the summer June-September.

Pictured below right is a 6-berth compartment with middle and upper berths visible, the bottom bunks almost out of shot.  Clean sheets and a pillow are provided, the doors have a normal lock and security lock or chain.  Toilets and washrooms at the end of the corridor.  Couchette compartments are not segregated by gender, as you do not normally get fully undressed.  See how couchettes are numberedLarger couchette photo.

The Prague to Krakow couchette car at Prague Hlavni   6-bunk couchettes on the Prague to Krakow train

Travel tips

Option 3, by Leo Express train

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets

What is the Leo Express train likeWhich class to choose?

Leo Express train as used between Krakow and Prague

Leo Express train, arrived in Prague.

Leo Express economy class   Leo Express business class

Economy class.  Several cars.


Business class.  Economy Plus will be similar.

Leo Express premium class   Leo Express premium class

Premium class.  Just 6 seats at one end of the train.


Another view of premium class with power-reclining seats.

Leo Express premium class   Leo Express premium class

Premium class seats power-recline.


Complimentary food & wine in premium class.

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