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How to use without being diverted to Rail Europe or

IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK:  More Machiavellian tactics?  SNCF have just changed their websites so that even if you select 'Other Countries (EUR)' or enter the direct web address it will immediately redirect you to with reduced functionality compared to the features on  Try the following to workarounds, one may work:

Step 1, go to & select 'Other countries (EUR)'...
  1. First, try going to, this is a direct link which should bring up 'Other Countries (EUR)' top right.  If it doesn't, try this one:

  2. If this doesn't work, go to  If your PC is located in the UK, you'll be automatically diverted to with 'United Kingdom' top right, prices in and reduced functionality.  So change 'United Kingdom' to 'Other countries (EUR)'.

  3. When you see 'Other countries (EUR)' top right you are on the genuine SNCF site but in English, with prices in euros and full functionality.  So far, so good.  If you see prices in pounds or dollars, you're in the wrong place!

  4. Just so you know, is different from even though it now looks almost identical as it's the re-branded Rail Europe UK website which uses the old Rail Europe UK booking engine, with prices in pounds and slightly reduced functionality compared to the main SNCF booking engine at  If you want to know what I mean by reduced functionality, see the website comparison table here

  5. If you live in certain countries such as Malaysia, you may be diverted before even seeing the home page, based on your IP address.  If so, simply give up and use or instead.

How to close the pop-up on

Step 2, select ticket collection country 'France'.  Or 'Albania', or 'Afghanistan'...

Selecting the ticket collection country on

Step 3, you can now book your trains in English, at true prices, with seating options...

  French Railways (SNCF) self-service ticket machine at Paris Gare de Lyon

Tickets bought online at can often be printed at home, sometimes they must be collected at any staffed station in France.

If you select the option to collect your tickets at the station, you normally collect them from the self-service machines like the one shown above.

How to collect tickets from these self-service machines

If you don't have a chip n PIN credit card (many Americans haven't) don't worry, you can still select this self-service option, then simply go to the staffed ticket counter instead, with your credit card to prove your it's yours.

Important tips for using

Credit card rejection?  The solution...
If you're diverted to Rail Europe without even seeing the voyages-sncf home page...

How to collect tickets from the self-service machines...

Screen on SNCF self-service ticiet machine

Collecting tickets bought online from an SNCF self-service ticket machine


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