MAV website


If you want to buy cheap online tickets for trains within Hungary and from Budapest to cities in neighbouring countries such as Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Krakow, Warsaw, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade or Bucharest - the Hungarian Railways (MAV) website is the place.  No overseas ticketing agency has yet connected to MAV's ticketing system, so these cheap fares are only available direct from MAV.  They are not available from any other source, neither by phone nor online from any of the usual ticketing agencies.

MAV's new booking website at is now live now sends you to to buy tickets.  This all-new booking website went 'live' in Beta on 13 December 2020.  Here's a run-down of its features and quirks.  Hopefully some of these quirks will be ironed out in the next few weeks or months, if you spot that something has been fixed, please let me know!

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