Paris-Barcelona TGV at Figueres

A first class 'club duo' table for two on the upper deck of the TGV Duplex train to Barcelona

Relax with a glass of red at a 1st class upper deck table for 2 on a TGV Duplex from Paris to Barcelona.  Speed along the Rhone Valley at 186mph past pretty French villages, watch for the flamingos on the étangs (lakes) in the South of France with glimpses of the Mediterranean.  Skirt the Pyrenees to arrive in central Barcelona, 6h25 from Paris.  Flying takes 4-5 disjointed hours with 10 times the CO2 emissions. 

See the photos...  Watch the video...

Mt Canigou is visible from the Paris-Barcelona train for many miles

Mt Canigou (2,784m) in the Pyrenees is clearly visible on your right as your train leaves Perpignan & heads into Spain...

Paris to Barcelona from €39...

Double-deck TGV Duplex high-speed trains now link Paris Gare de Lyon to Figueres, Girona & Barcelona at up to 200mph.  Paris to Barcelona takes a leisurely 6h25 city centre to city centre for the 1,073km (667 miles), compared to a tedious 5 hours by air once ground transportation, check-in time and airport security are included.  2 trains per day run all year round, increasing to 4 trains a day in summer.  Forget flying, chill out with a glass or two of red wine and enjoy the ride along the scenic Rhone Valley, watch for the flocks of flamingos on the étangs (lakes) in the south of France, and glimpse the coast and the Pyrenees before arriving in the centre of Barcelona.  Watch the video guide.

  Paris-Barcelona TGV timetable

  How much does it cost? 

  How to buy tickets

  Route map

  What's the train like?

  What's the journey like?

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  Overnight trains between Paris & Barcelona

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  Train travel in Spain, a beginner's guide

  General information for European train travel

Train times southbound

 Paris ► Barcelona






 Paris Gare de Lyon depart:





 Montpelier St Roche depart:





 Perpignan depart:





 Figueres Vilafant arrive:





 Girona arrive:





 Barcelona Sants arrive:





Train times northbound

 Barcelona ► Paris






 Barcelona Sants depart:





 Girona depart:





 Figueres Vilafant depart:





 Perpignan arrive:





 Montpelier St Roche arrive:





 Paris Gare de Lyon arrive:





Read downwards, each column is a train you can take. 

You can check train times for your date of travel at

* = This train runs daily from 1 June to 1 September 2019.

** = This train runs daily from 29 June to 1 September 2019.

*** = This train runs daily from 30 June to 2 September 2019.

Paris to Barcelona is 1,073km (667 miles).  These TGVs average around 105 mph including stops.

Figueres Vilafant station is 5 kilometres from Figueres city centre, taxis are available.

Paris Gare de Lyon station information & map   Barcelona Sants station station information & map

How much does it cost?

 Paris to Barcelona

 by TGV-Duplex...

2nd class

1st class

One way


One way


 Advance-purchase fares:

From €39

From €78

From €59

From €118

 Full-price flexible fare:





 Child 4 to 11 inclusive:





 Child 0 to 3 inclusive:

Free if not occupying its own seat.

 Railpass fare:

InterRail & Eurail passholders pay £23 (€26) 2nd class, £30 (€33) 1st class.

 Dogs & pets (see here):

Small dog less than 10Kg in a pet carrier £53 each way.  Guide dogs free.

Cheap fares = Prems, Mini, Essential or Leisure fares = Book in advance, price varies like air fares, limited or no refunds or changes.

Full-price = Refundable and flexible.  There are no senior or youth reductions.

Child fare = Child 4-11 years, use an adult special fare if cheaper, as it often is. Children under 4 free.

How to buy tickets

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Route map...

Paris to Barcelona train route map


Click for larger map

Red = high-speed lines.  Green = scenic sections of line

Black = conventional lines.  Highlighted = Paris-Barcelona TGV route.

Reproduced from the excellent European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.

I recommend buying the European Rail Map and a copy of the European Rail Timetable, they ship worldwide,

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What's the train like?  Watch the video

TGV Duplex at Paris Gare de Lyon

TGV Duplex at Paris Gare de Lyon. These 200 mph double-deckers link Paris with Barcelona.  Watch TGV Duplex video.

TGV Duplex cafe-bar   TGV Duplex upper deck 2nd class seats

Cafe-bar on upper deck in car 4 (or 14), serving tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer, snacks & microwave-style hot dishes.


2nd class seats, on upper deck with a mix of tables for 4 & unidirectional seating.  360º photo..

First class on board a TGV Duplex   An TGV Duplex at Paris Est.

1st class seats on upper deck, club duo on the left, club quatre on the right. 360º photo.


A TGV Duplex at Barcelona Sants.  The red near the door indicates 1st class, pale green indicates 2nd class.

TGV Duplex:  Stairs to upper deck   TGV Duplex:  Power outlets   TGV Duplex:  Luggage racks

The stairs to the upper deck. Just 9 steps, wide, shallow with double handrails.  No problem!


Power sockets:  All seats in both classes have power sockets, 2-pin 230v.  Your train may have WiFi, whilst in France.


Luggage racks.  You take your bags on board with you and place them on the racks.  There are racks both upstairs and downstairs, both at the car ends and (as here) between the seats.

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What's the journey like?  See video

Paris Gare de Lyon

1.  Paris Gare de Lyon.  The train to Barcelona leaves from the magnificent Gare de Lyon in central Paris, a landmark in its own right.  See Gare de Lyon information page.

Paris Gare de Lyon Hall 1, platforms A to N

Hall 1 at the Gare de Lyon.  The TGV may leave from Hall 1 or Hall 2, see the Paris Gare de Lyon station page.

The Train Bleu restaurant, Paris Gare de Lyon   The Train Bleu restaurant's bar

How about lunch at the amazing Train Bleu restaurant in Hall 1 of the Gare de Lyon before catching the Barcelona Express?  Or just have a coffee or beer in the bar (above right), which makes an excellent VIP waiting lounge.

Scenery from the train between Paris & Lyon

2.  Paris to the outskirts of Lyon...  The train leaves the Gare de Lyon and joins the high-speed line, accelerating smoothly to 186mph through the Paris suburbs, soon emerging into open country.  Between Paris and the outskirts of Lyon the train runs through undulating countryside with villages and stone-built farms nestling in small valleys...

Scenery from the train along the Rhone Valley

3.  The Rhone Valley...  South of Lyon the train powers down the rural Rhone Valley, past more pretty French villages with picturesque churches and the occasional castle...

Hilltop village in the Rhone Valley seen from the Paris to Barcelona train

...Watch for hilltop villages.

Mountains as seen from a Paris-Barcelona TGV train

...On a clear day you can see the snow-capped French Alps in the extreme distance to the left, and the dark line of the Massif central mountains on the far side of the valley to the right.

Crossing the Rhone with views of the Chateau de Montfaucon

4.  The Rhone & Chateau de Montfaucon...  Between Valence and Nîmes the train crosses a broad stretch of the River Rhone with a view of the wine-producing Chateau de Montfaucon on the right,

Lunch from the cafe-bar on the train to Barcelona   The hilltop cathedral at Beziers

5.  Béziers...  The train calls at Nimes and Montpelier, then passes non-stop through Béziers station.  As the train crosses the River Orb just west of the station, look right for a great view of Béziers' 13th century cathedral (yes, the photo above right was taken from the train, these all were!). 

Above left, lunch from the cafe-bar, a magret de canard avec pommes de terre and some red wine from the cafe-bar.  By all means bring your own picnic and bottle of wine! 

The glistening Mediterranean, seen from the train   Countless vineyards!

6.  The Mediterranean coast...  Between Montpellier & Perpignan the train skirts the glistening Mediterranean coastline with deserted beaches & marshland...


7.  Vineyards.  The train passes countless vineyards.  Glass o' red from the bar car, anyone?

Watch for flamingos on the etangs in the Midi!

8.  Étangs & flamingos...  The train passes numerous étangs (lakes), where flocks of flamingos stand one-legged in the shallows.


9. The Fort de Salses...  Just before Perpignan, the train passes by the impressive Fort de Salses on the right, a 15th-century Catalan fortress captured in 1642 and French-held ever since, see

Mt Canigou in the Pyrenees

10.  Mt Canigou & the Pyrenees...  One of the highest peaks in the mighty Pyrenees, the 2,784m (9,137 feet) high Mt Canigou dominates the skyline on the right all the way from Perpignan to Girona, see

X-ray baggage check at access to platforms 1-6, Barcelona Sants   Barcelona Sants

11.  Barcelona Sants station...  A modern station in central Barcelona, with plenty of taxis, and a metro to all parts of Barcelona.  There are left luggage lockers (consigna) and a Sala Club 1st class lounge which you can use if you have a 1st class ticket for the TGV for up to 2 hours before it departs, although not on arrival.  More information about Barcelona Sants station.

X-ray check when boarding:  At Spanish stations including Barcelona Sants, there's a quick X-ray check of all baggage before you can go onto the high-speed platforms, which includes boarding a northbound TGV to France.  There are usually no metal detectors, so you can carry what you like on your person, it's only your baggage that's checked.  Make sure that any (perfectly legal) penknives, corkscrews etc are in your pockets not your baggage so don't get scanned, to avoid a jobsworth refusing to allow them on, as happened to one passenger.  There is no such check at any French station, where there is free & easy access to the trainMore information about Barcelona Sants station.

Video guide: Barcelona to Paris by TGV

The video takes you on a journey by TGV Duplex from Barcelona to Paris, showing the train & scenery...

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Travel tips...

Sala Club entrance   The Sala Club (1st class lounge) at Barcelona Sants station.

The Sala Club lounge at Barcelona Sants, with complimentary coffee, soft drinks, beer & snacks.  It can be used by anyone with a first class TGV or AVE ticket, although not by railpass holders.

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Overnight trains between Paris & Barcelona...
  Couchette on the Paris-Nice overnight train

Couchette on the Paris-Nice overnight train

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