Tallinn to Riga by train for €22.50...

Estonian and Latvian railways have finally co-ordinated their timetables and it's once more possible to travel between Tallinn and Riga on a comfortable and cheap daily train service, with one simple cross-platform change of train on the border at Valga.  Both the Estonian and Latvian trains are local trains and it takes a few hours longer and is less frequent than the bus (the train service runs once a day), but it's cheap, easy to use, no prior reservation is necessary and you may find it an interesting and more enjoyable alternative to a bus ride.  The Estonian train between Valga & Tallinn is now a smart modern air-conditioned train with power sockets and free WiFi.  The Latvian train now has free WiFi too.

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 Local train service


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 Valga (on Estonian train)



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How to read these timetables:  Read downwards.  Each column of times is a train you can take.  A horizontal line means you need to change trains.

Update 2018:  Check all times carefully as shown below, as engineering work from 22 May 2018 will extend Tallinn-Valga times for some months and may mean the connection at Valga with the Latvian train isn't possible for this period.

How much does it cost?

How to buy tickets...

There's no need to reserve, indeed you can't.  Just turn up at Tallinn station, buy a ticket to Tartu and get on the train.  You simply buy the onward Tartu-Valga ticket on board the next train, then buy the Valga-Riga ticket when you get to Valga, if necessary on board the Latvian train.

How to check these times and fares...

You can check the Estonian train times and fares at www.elron.ee, click EN for English top right.  It looks like two trains, Valga-Tartu & Tartu-Tallinn, but in fact it's usually just one train which runs Valga-Tartu-Tallinn with a several-minute wait at Tartu, though sometimes you may need to switch trains at Tartu, a simple cross-platform change.  In Estonian, Riia = Riga.  You can check times for the Latvian train times and fares at www.pv.lv, click en top right for English.

What are the trains like?

On board the Estonian train between Tallinn and Valga, en route to Riga.   Estonian train from Tallinn to Valga, seen at Valga

1) Tallinn to Tartu & Valga by Estonian train...  These smart new air-conditioned local trains have on-board information screens, free Wifi & power sockets for laptops & mobiles.  Above left, first class seats are also available.  At Valga, it's a simple cross-platform interchange, in the exterior photo that's the front of the Latvian train on the right.  Photos courtesy of Daniel King.

Changing trains at Valga

At Valga it's a simple cross-platform interchange.  That's the Latvian train on the left, the Estonian train on the right...  Courtesy of DiscoverbyRail.com.

Tallinn to Riga by train:  This is the Valga-Riga Latvian train   Tallinn to Riga by train:  Seating on the Valga-Riga train

2) Valga to Riga by Latvian train...  This is a classic Soviet-era local train, 2nd class only, with a modernised interior.  There's no catering on either train, so bring your own beer and picnic!  Photos courtesy of Jan Špaček & Rui Magro Correia

Tallinn to Riga by bus...

Alternatively, buses link Tallinn and Riga with a range of departures daily, run by various operators including Ecolines and Lux Express.  Journey time about 4h20, fare between €12 & €28 one-way, buy tickets at either Omio.com (formerly GoEuro.com) for Ecolines or www.luxexpress.eu for Lux Express.

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