The Vilnius-Riga train

The Vilnius-Riga train.  Photo courtesy of Timo Wright

Lithuania - Latvia by train

Good news!  From 27 December 2023, an air-conditioned train links Vilnius & Riga every day, with 1st & 2nd class, toilets & free WiFi.  Drinks & snacks can be ordered from your seat from a menu.  A refreshing alternative to a bus that's already proving popular - book ahead, it often leaves fully-booked!

Train times 2024

 Vilnius ► Riga  


 Riga ► Vilnius  





 Vilnius depart


 Riga depart:


 Riga arrive


 Vilnius arrive:


The train also calls at Kaišiadori, Šiauliai, Joniškis, Jelgava.  Within Latvia, only international passengers are conveyed.

The distance is 348 km (216 miles).  272 km in Lithuania, 72 km in Latvia, see route map.

Kaunas connection: Leave Kaunas 06:31, change at Kaisiadorys, arrive Riga 10:43.  Depart Riga 15:28, change at Kaisiadorys, arrive Kaunas 20:05.

How much does it cost?

€24 in 2nd class, €34 in 1st class.  Fixed price, includes seat reservation.

Bicycles carried for €10.

Small pets in containers free, larger pets €5.

How to buy tickets

Buy tickets at the Lithuanian Railways website

Booking opens 30 days ahead.  You print your own ticket or can show it on your phone.

Interrail & Eurail passes valid, requires seat reservation costing a few euros.

What is the train like?  Virtual tour

The train is operated by a Pesa 730 diesel unit, see  It's air-conditioned with comfortable seating in 1st & 2nd class, drop-down tables, toilets, large luggage racks, free WiFi, wheelchair space and accessible toilet, see virtual tour at

Hot & cold drinks (including latte or cappuccino bean to cup coffee), snacks and sandwiches can ordered from a menu and brought to your seat by the train staff working out of a small catering compartment.  In 1st class, a small bottle of still or sparkling water and a coffee are included.

Vilnius to Riga traiin

The train from Riga to Vilnius, at Riga station.  Courtesy of Scott Gasson.

1st class on the Vilnius to Riga traiin   Menu on the Vilnius to Riga train

1st class.  Courtesy of


Menu.  Courtesy of

Vilnius to Riga traiin   2nd class on the Vilnius to Riga train

Pesa 730 train.  Courtesy of Eli Litvak.


2nd class.  Courtesy of Eli Litvak.

Vilnius to Riga traiin

The inaugural train from Riga to Vilnius on 27 December 2023.  Courtesy of Julien Lebel.

Route map

Vilnius to Riga train route map


Click for larger map

Reproduced from the European Rail Map with kind permission of the European Rail Timetable people.

I recommend buying a copy of the European Rail Map for your travels, with shipping worldwide.  More details.

The alternative:  Vilnius to Riga by bus

Alternatively, there are regular buses from Vilnius to Riga run by various operators, fare €12-€28, journey time 4h15, try (formerly for Ecolines or for Lux Express.

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