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AVE is the Spanish Railways brand name for its high-speed trains, of which there are various types.  AVE stands for Alta Velocidad Espaņola (Spanish High-Speed) and it's also the Spanish for bird.  These luxurious type S103 AVEs are built by Siemens and used on AVE trains between Madrid & Barcelona.  You may also find them on trains from Madrid to Malaga & Seville.

These trains link Barcelona Sants & Madrid Atocha in as little as 2h30.  Check times & buy tickets at Raileurope.co.uk.

Club class on a Spanish S103 AVE train   An S103 AVE train at Madrid Atocha station

Preferente class (1st class) seating on an AVE-S103 train.  A meal with wine is included on Mondays-Fridays.


An S103 AVE train as used between Barcelona & Madrid, seen here at Madrid Atocha station... 

See virtual tour inside an AVE-S103

Turista class on a Spanish S103 AVE train   Preferente class on a Spanish S103 AVE train

Turista (2nd class) on an AVE-S103...


Turista Plus (premium 2nd class) seating.

S103 AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona

An AVE-S103 from Madrid Atocha, arrived at Barcelona Sants.

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