The Thello sleeper train from Paris to Venice


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small bullet point  Booking opens up to 180 days ahead.

small bullet point  It's ticketless, you simply quote the booking reference on board.

small bullet point  Yes, if you book 2 tickets for a 2-bed sleeper or 6 tickets in 6-berth couchettes, you'll normally all be together in the same compartment.  See berth numbering plan

small bullet point  If there are 3 of you and you want sole occupancy of a 4-berth compartment (for example), simply book 4 tickets in 4-berth, re-using a name and passport number.

small bullet point  Children under 4 sharing a bed go free on Thello, children under 12 go at the child rate.

small bullet point  If you buy from, they will refund their booking fee if you email them your PNR at

This train is now permanently discontinued

This Thello sleeper train was suspended in March 2020 due top Covid-19, but has now been permanently discontinued.

Alternatives:  Paris to Italy by daytime train Venice to Paris by daytime train.

Who are Thello?

Pronounced Tell-O, Thello is a subsidiary of Trenitalia (Italian Railways) formed to run overnight trains between Paris and Italy.  Thello's Paris-Milan-Verona-Venice sleeper train started running in 2011, replacing the lacklustre sleeper train run by Artesia, a consortium of Trenitalia and French railways.  The Thello sleeper train is a fun, affordable & time-effective way to reach Italy, as long as your expectations are realistic, read my opinion of Thello here.  You can also travel from Paris to Italy by daytime high-speed TGV train, see the Paris-Italy TGV page or indeed by the slower but fabulously scenic Bernina Express route.

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Timetable southbound: Cancelled

 Paris ► Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome 

 by Thello sleeper train

Every day

 Paris Gare de Lyon depart, day 1


 Dijon depart


 Milan Centrale arrive


 Brescia arrive


 Verona Porta Nuova arrive


 Vicenza arrive


 Padua arrive


 Venice Mestre arrive


 Venice Santa Lucia arrive, day 2


 Connection for Bologna & Florence by Frecciarossa:

 Milan Centrale depart


 Bologna Centrale arrive


 Florence SMN arrive


 Connection for Rome & Naples by Frecciarossa:

 Milan Centrale depart


 Rome Termini arrive


 Naples Centrale arrive


The Paris-Florence-Rome Thello train was discontinued in 2013.  You need to take the Paris-Milan-Venice Thello sleeper, and change trains at Milan Centrale for an onward high-speed Frecciarossa train to Bologna, Florence, Rome or Naples as shown.

A note about connections:  I show robust Frecciarossa connections here, which can absorb a typical delay.  If a booking system offers you a tighter connection feel free to accept it, as if the Thello is late Trenitalia will rebook you on a later Frecciarossa.  Do not use competing Italo trains in connection with Thello, as Thello is a Trenitalia subsidiary and Italo won't help you if the Thello is late.

In Paris, the Thello train to Venice usually leaves from platforms K, L, M or N at the Gare de Lyon.

Alternative daytime trains:  A higher-quality alternative to Thello is to book one of the three daily Paris-Turin-Milan TGVs, then an onward train from Milan or Turin to Florence, Rome or Venice, see here for details.

Timetable northbound: Cancelled...

 Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan ► Paris 

 Connection from Naples, Rome by Frecciarossa:

 Naples Centrale depart


 Rome Termini depart


 Milan Centrale arrive


 Connection from Florence, Bologna by Frecciarossa:

 Florence SMN depart


 Bologna Centrale depart


 Milan Centrale arrive


 by Thello sleeper train

Every day

 Venice Santa Lucia depart, day 1


 Venice Mestre depart


 Padua depart


 Vicenza depart


 Verona Porta Nuova depart


 Brescia depart


 Milan Centrale depart


 Dijon arrive, day 2


 Paris Gare de Lyon arrive, day 2


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What is the Thello train like?

(1)  Couchettes, in 4 & 6 berth compartments...


Thello berth numbering plan

...for sleepers & couchettes


Watch the video...

...a video guide to the sleepers, couchettes and restaurant on board the Paris-Venice Thello train.


360 photos

Couchettes in day mode.

Sleeper in day mode.

Sleeper in night mode.

Premium sleeper

Couchette cars on the Thello train to Venice at Paris Gare de Lyon

Couchette cars at the rear of the Thello train to Venice, boarding at Paris Gare de Lyon...

  Thello couchette compartment

The corridor.  There are 9 compartments in each car, each configurable as 4-berth or 6-berth.  Larger photo.


4 or 6 berth couchette compartment.  Seat back folds out to form middle couchette, for use as 6-berth.  Larger photo360 photo.

Thello couchette compartment, corridor side   Thello couchette compartment, corridor side

Compartment, corridor side.  Note the bottled water.  The arrows show the normal lock (top arrow) & security deadlock (lower arrow).  Larger photo.


Couchette compartment, corridor side, showing upper berths & recess for luggage over the door.  There's a blind for the door window.  Larger photo.

A couchette car on the new Thello sleeper train at Paris Gare de Lyon   4 or 6-berth couchette compartment, with seats folded out, on the Thello sleeper trains from Paris to Venice...

A couchette car on the Thello sleeper train from Paris, arrived at the magnificent Milan Centrale, on time...


One half of a 4 or 6 berth Thello couchette compartment...

(2)  Sleeping-cars:  1, 2 & 3 bed sleeper compartments...


Thello berth numbering plan

...for sleepers & couchettes


Watch the video...

...a video guide to the sleepers, couchettes and restaurant on board the Paris-Venice Thello train.


360 photos

Sleeper in day mode.

Sleeper in night mode.

Premium sleeper

Couchettes in day mode.

Sleeping-car on the Thello train from Paris to Venice, at Paris Gare de Lyon

A standard sleeping-car on Thello, boarding at Paris Gare de Lyon.

Refurbished sleeping-car on the Paris to Venice 'Thello' sleeper train   1, 2 or 3-bed sleeper, in evening mode, on the Paris-Venice Thello overnight train...   2-bed sleeper, night mode, on the Paris-Florence/Rome overnight train...

Sleeping-car corridor, fitted with CCTV.  A standard sleeping-car has 12 compartments, each can be set up and sold as a 1, 2 or 3-berth room.


A 1, 2 or 3 bed sleeper with the beds folded away. Larger photo. 360 photo


The same sleeper, set up as a 2-berth doubleLarger photo. 360 photo.

Thello sleeper washstand & toiletries   Thello sleeper complimentary water & sweets   Thello sleeper compartment, corridor side

Washstand with complimentary toiletries.


Complimentary bottled water & Thello-branded sweets.


Luggage space above entrance door.  The connecting door to the adjacent compartment is on the right.

Sleeping-car toilet - one of two at the end of the corridor   Thello sleeper compartment

Each sleeping-car has 2 toilets at the end of the corridor. Soap, paper towels, toilet paper are provided. The toilets are usually kept reasonably clean.


How big is a sleeper compartment?  This big, seen from above.  Plenty big enough to sleep, sit, or get undressed.  Not big enough to play table tennis.  Larger photo.

(3)  Premium sleepers:  1, 2 or 3 bed sleepers with toilet & shower...

Premium sleeper in day mode   Premium sleeper in night mode

Premium sleeper in day mode.  Note the complimentary water & Thello-branded sweets.  Larger photo.


Premium sleeper at night, set up as a single.  Note my complimentary prosecco!  Larger photo 360 degree photo.

Premium sleeper corridor   Premium complimentary toiletries   Premium sleeper en suite toilet & shower



Complimentary toiletries...


En suite WC & shower.

Premium sleeping-car omn the Thello to Venice, as Paris.

T3S sleeping-car at Paris Gare de Lyon, with 4 premium compartments & 6 regular compartments.

Restaurant car...

At dinner in the restaurant car of the Paris-Venice Thello sleeper train.   A table on the thello sleeper train to Venice, laid out for dinner

Restaurant car at breakfast on a summer morning.  This is a car newly-refurbished in 2018.  Courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry Larger photo.


Chicken & vegetables with half bottle of wine...

Dinner on Thello:  Salmon steak & rice   Complimentary light breakfast for sleeper passengers on the Thello train from Paris to Venice

Risotto starter...


A light breakfast is included for sleeper passengers...

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The Man in Seat 61's opinion of Thello...

How much does it cost?

Fares in detail...

 Paris to Milan, Verona or Venice

 by Thello sleeper train, one-way per person:

 In a couchette

 In a sleeper

In a premium sleeper








 Smart fare (prices from)








 Flexi fare (prices from)








All fares are one-way per person per bed.  A round trip = two one-ways.

You get sole occupancy of a compartment if you book all the beds in it, for example if you book 2 people in a 2-bed sleeper. 

If you only book (say) 1 person in a 2-berth sleeper then you get 1 bed, the other bed may be sold to another passenger.

Fares are dynamic, they vary by season & demand.  Smart fares also rise in price as departure approaches.

Smart fare = advance-purchase fares, no refunds, no changes to travel plans.

Flexi fare = flexible fares, refundable until 24h before departure for 10 fee.

Children under 15 get approx 30% discount off the adult Smart or Flexi fare.

Children under 4 free if they share a bed, no ticket needed.  To give them their own bed, enter them as aged 5.

There are no youth or senior reductions.

 Connecting Frecciarossa tickets to/from Milan:

 Milan to Bologna or Florence starts at 19.90

 Milan to Rome or Naples starts at 29.90

How to buy tickets

Luggage, bikes & pets on Thello...

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Watch the Thello video guide....

Paper plates & plastic cutlery have replaced the metal cutlery and proper china in the restaurant since the video was made...

Bar car food....


The Thello office in Paris...

Food in the Thello sleeper train's buffet car   Thello has a ticket office at Paris Gare de Lyon

Snack selection in the bar part of the restaurant car.  Or feel free to bring your own picnic and wine for the journey...

Thello has a ticket office at Paris Gare de Lyon, on the main concourse (Hall 1) in the corner level with platform M.

Thello train from Paris, arrived in Venice

Arrived at Venice Santa Lucia...

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